YUU YUU WORLD support service 'YUU YUU WORLD wishes to be ahead with a customer's smile.'

The physical distribution, the trade, and the temporary agency.

We wish to grow with our clients.
Our service, YUU YUUWORLD SUPPORT SYSTEM, supplies to be able to contract working some jobs, like materials procurement, the production in the factory, the quality control, the shipment, the transportation, the sale, and so on. It reduces the cost of the customer, and offers speedy and easy service.

The physical distribution, the trade, and the temporary agency.

PD and Trade Service

Logistics Div. and Foreign Trade Div. acquired the customs broker license from Yokohama custom and Tokyo custom. Customer’s import and export procedures are realized speedy by our customs procedures.
And we cover a lot of duties about distribution and realize total logistic solution.
We suggest rivalry strategy that match with customer’s request.

Temporary Employment and Commission Service

Administration Div. and Temporary Employment Div. are relied on brilliant employees and accomplishing service.
We are able to secure immediate impact talents on customer’s team when customers want. Customers can cut down their expenses.

Elderly Care Service

Elderly Care Div. supplies general care services, Which are to advice of the care manager, planning of a care plan, a recreation, a meal at the day service center, dispatching a visiting helper, lending out a handrail and wheelchair, helping to bath for people who can’t bath on their own, and so on.
We offer all customers “Yuu Yuu” life, for supplying the general care service from the care to a daily life troubles.